SketchUp and Photoshop

I started this early 2014, had a long period of hard work writing Adobe CC courses, then CC 2014 came, then the CC 2014 October release. Started again May 2015, and adapted it all to SketchUp 2015 and Photoshop CC 2015 november release. Early 2016 I adapted it to SketchUp 2016, and later to Photoshop 2017. (In the Archive it says "2014" because the first post is from that year.)
Unless otherwise stated it functions in Photoshop 2017 just like in Photoshop 2014.
In this simple website I am going to tell something about interchanging files between Adobe Photoshop and Trimble SketchUp.

I am working with Photoshop CC, but anything we discuss here can be done with Photoshop Extended CS5 and CS6 too, if not otherwise indicated.

I am working with 2016 Pro, but anything we discuss here can be done with freeware Make, unless otherwise indicated (some export options f.e.). 

I shall discuss the SketchUp export options, of which the files can be used in Photoshop. These files can generally be opened directly with Photoshop, but you might run into problems. Always import these files in new Photoshop documents

I shall explain how to export skins from SketchUp, rendering them in Photoshop (or making them in Photoshop from scratch), and importing them in SketchUp.

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Possibilities for importing and exporting (saving) 3D files in SketchUp and Photoshop: