Export as 3DS

3DS files are Autodesk files ('3D Studio').
It is not possible to export as 3DS from SketchUp freeware.

This is a short paragraph, because importing a 3DS file in Photoshop 2014 or 2015 does not give any results that can be edited. Apart from that, Photoshop 2014 or 2015 cannot export 3DS. 

Export the object from SketchUp as 3DS file, choosing '3DS File (*.3ds)'. See the files you get above.

Importing a 3DS file in a Photoshop document worked well in CS6, although the object was quite dark (we saw this before). See above.
Importing it in Photoshop CC 2014 or 2015 does not work, although the material did show. See below.

Exporting as 3DS.
Photoshop CS6 cannot export as 3DS, nor can CC 2014.